What Does Your Family Dentist Do?

family-dentalOnce you have done your research and located a family dentist, you probably want to know what services they can provide. Your family dentist is similar to a general dentist, but they treat all ages in order that every member of your family can visit the same dentist. Most family dentists offer a wide range of procedures and services. Some typical family dentistry treatments and procedures include:

Professional cleaning that includes the removal of tartar and plaque to improve smile appearance, avoid cavities, and prevent gum disease

  • X-rays to help with diagnosis and care
  • Dental fillings to repair cavities
  • Crowns to cover an existing damaged tooth
  • Surgical insertion of implants for tooth restoration
  • Dentures made to look and function like natural teeth
  • Root canals to repair severely diseased or damaged teeth
  • Cosmetic dental procedures like whitening, bonding, contouring, and other procedures to improve oral aesthetics
  • Pediatric checkups, treatment, and dental education to prevent tooth decay and teach proper oral care habits
  • Orthodontics

On a routine basis, your family dentist will work with you to manage your family’s dental health. Regular examinations and cleanings will help to identify and address particular concerns such as potential dental disease. Patients with ongoing problems may require close monitoring and maintenance to ensure continued dental health. If a condition falls outside the scope of your family dental practice, your dentist will provide a referral to a dental specialist and consult with them regarding your dental history. However, in most cases, your family dentist in Shreveport, LA will successfully meet the dental health needs of patients in your family of all ages.



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Family Dentistry: Lifetime Care You Can Trust

family-dental-officeThere are important benefits to utilizing a family dentistry practice. A family dentist is in the unique position to treat your teeth (and your children’s teeth) throughout your lifetime, providing comprehensive care. This lifelong care allows the dentist the unique ability to look at the patient as a whole with an awareness of dental history and oral hygiene habits. Taking your family to a family dentistry practice can be a positive decision that can last a lifetime for you and for your children.

Family dentistry is about trust and building a relationship with your entire family. A family dentist who treats a patient in his or her teens will remember any pertinent information regarding that patient’s oral care that would affect him or her at 20, 30, or more years of age.

Your family dentist in Shreveport will be familiar with your mouth over time and will be on the lookout for signs of oral health problems, such as gingivitis (gum disease) or oral cancer. Gingivitis is one of the highest causes of tooth decay and loss, and, left untreated, can lead to much larger problems like stroke or heart disease. Because it can be reversed if it is caught early, it is important to visit your family dentist regularly for checkups.

Your family dentist provides regular preventative services to your entire family, like check-ups and basic cleanings. A family dentist has the knowledge and expertise to know when you might need the care of a specialist, and will offer recommendations for excellent care outside of their practice if necessary.

Because a family dentist treats your entire family, a strong relationship is established that strengthens over time. Their offices are comfortable and inviting, designed to provide a relaxing environment that leaves even the youngest or most fearful member of your family feeling more confident and happy. Offering the convenience of one location to serve your entire family, family dentists are committed to providing service to you and your family for years to come.

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A Great Smile Is Not Always From Good Genes

genesSome people are blessed with a beautiful smile right from the start, but many others aren’t so lucky. You might be unhappy with your own smile and go through life embarrassed by crooked teeth, gaps, chips, stains, or other problems. You don’t have to go on like this, because solutions are available through cosmetic dentistry. In fact, you can have an entire smile makeover to create a new look that will boost your self-esteem and dazzle others.

Smile makeovers involve examining your smile to see what might be changed about it to make you happier. Many things are considered, such as your skin tone and facial features, in addition to your teeth and gums. Every smile makeover is unique because each person has different issues and goals. Here is a list of common services that cosmetic dentists perform when giving patients smile makeovers.

Teeth whitening
Professional teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective way to change your teeth from dull and dingy to shiny and bright. In an hour-long office visit, you will have whitening gel applied to your teeth and then a special light will be used to enhance the process. You’ll be able to see improvements in your smile right away.

Composite fillings
It used to be the norm for fillings to be done with amalgam material, which are the silver fillings that you may be used to seeing. These days it is common for fillings to be done with composite resin material, which is the same color as your teeth. These natural-looking fillings are much less noticeable.

Dental implants
Missing teeth can be permanently restored with dental implants. Titanium posts are inserted into your jaw and an artificial tooth is placed on top. Implants blend right in with your smile, and give you back full function and appearance.

Gum contouring
Sometimes your gums cover too much or too little of your teeth, making your smile appear awkward. Gum contouring improves your look by making your teeth and gums fit together in a more appealing way.

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Narrowing Your Search for a Family Dentist Shreveport, LA

family-dds-1Just like with other areas of healthcare, dentistry offers specializations in different parts of the field. Pediatric dentistry targets children, orthodontics offers braces and related treatments, cosmetic dentistry is for aesthetic purposes, and more. Family dentistry focuses on general dental treatments, but for every member of the family no matter their age.

Family dentists treat most typical dental issues. Procedures offered by most family dentists include things like general checkups, fillings, cleanings, extractions, crowns, and other procedures. Having a family dentist allows everyone in the family to visit the same location, get to know one healthcare provider and the staff, obtain the same preventative care, and learn helpful information about your oral health needs. If some other type of specialist is recommended, your family dentist will be able to refer you for further treatment.

There are a number of good ways to find a family dental practice that meets your needs. Advertisements, online research, and asking friends and coworkers for recommendations are always good places to start. Then you should visit the office to meet the staff, see the facility and equipment, and learn more about the practice and the services offered. Always ask any questions you have so that you will feel comfortable and confident in the treatment provided. It is likely that you and your family members will have a relationship with a family dentist for years to come, so it’s important to make a good choice from the start.


Contact our dental office if you are looking for a family dentist in the Shreveport, LA area.

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What to Look For in a Family Dentist

family_top1Every member of your family should routinely visit the dentist, so it makes sense to establish a relationship with a professional that all of you can use. A family dentist treats patients of all ages who have a wide range of oral health concerns. You want to find the right one to meet your family’s needs. If you are looking for a family dentist, you should be prepared for your search with a list of qualities that make a dentist appealing to you and your family members. Consider these general guidelines.

One of the best ways to find a dentist is asking your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations. A great dentist will have great patient referrals.

Dental care
Look for a dentist who emphasizes dental care and takes pride in helping patients achieve better oral health. Make sure the dentist performs a complete examination, and find a family dentist who offers X-rays and other common tests in the office.

A good dentist takes the time to get to know each patient. Procedures and tests should be explained. Visiting the dentist should be a pleasant experience, and you should have confidence in both the dental care you are receiving as well as the fact that the dentist and staff have your best interests in mind.

Find a dentist whose office is within easy driving distance from your home, since all of your family members will be using the same practice. Convenience is a factor in keeping dental appointments.

Ask about the dental office hours and the availability of the dentist. Look for a practice that can fit you into the schedule, instead of having to wait a long time for appointments. This is especially important for dental emergencies.


If you are looking for a family dentist in the Shreveport, LA area, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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Facts About Professional Teeth Whitening

smileTeeth that have become stained or yellowed can really affect your appearance. Not only can it make it appear like you don’t take care of your teeth, it also tends to make you look older. The goal of whiter smiles has increased the popularity of professional teeth whitening, which provides quick and dramatic results. Here are some facts about professional teeth whitening that you may not realize.

Tooth sensitivity
The most common side effect associated with teeth whitening is increased tooth sensitivity, especially to cold items. Each patient is different, as some people are affected and others experience no side effects. Typically the increased level of sensitivity disappears within 24 to 72 hours after treatment.

Ultraviolet light
The professional whitening process involves applying a bleaching agent to the teeth and then exposing it to ultraviolet (UV) light. Research shows that using light during the process increases the whitening effectiveness by one-third. Precautions like glasses and sunscreen should be taken to protect your eyes and skin from the UV radiation during the procedure, which usually lasts about an hour.

Foods that stain
Once your teeth have been whitened, it doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about discoloration. Avoid foods and drinks that are known to stain, such as tea, coffee, red wine, dark sauces, and berries. Tobacco use is another culprit for causing teeth stains.

Your dentist may give you a kit to use at home to help maintain your bright smile. It usually includes a hydrogen peroxide agent and bleach tray. You may be instructed to use the kit a couple of times a year to maintain the whiteness level of your smile. If you have habits like using tobacco or consuming staining foods often, you may be advised to use the home bleaching kit more frequently.


If you are looking for a teeth whitening dentist in Shreveport, contact our dental office for an appointment.

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Family Dentistry Services

familyA popular choice that people are making is to take the whole family to a dentist who specializes in offering services to entire families. This type of dental office meets the needs of all ages and oral health conditions that your family might have. This allows everyone to be treated in the same location by the same staff.

There are a variety of services that most family dentists in Shreveport offer their patients. One is preventative care to help avoid dental problems in the future. A dental checkup every six months will provide family members with thorough examinations, so that issues like tooth decay or gingivitis might be identified before symptoms even appear. Another important aspect of the checkup is professional cleaning so that everyone in your family will have a bright, healthy smile.

Another part of regular checkups is to make sure that everyone in your family knows how to properly care for their teeth and gums. Your family dentist will demonstrate the best techniques for oral care for all ages, whether it’s for young children, teens, adults, or senior adults. Family dentists will be able to answer all questions and help with any decisions that need to be made about dental care.

In addition to preventative care, family dentists offer various other services and treatments. Fillings, veneers, bonding, dental implants, dentures, crowns, and teeth whitening are some choices that family dentists may provide. Each dental office chooses which types of procedures they offer, but if a particular treatment isn’t provided, you will likely be referred to someone else who can perform the work.

Good oral hygiene and regular dental care are the best ways to a healthy smile throughout life. Each member of your family deserves a chance for good oral health, and a family dentist may be the ideal way to achieve it.


Contact our dental office in Shreveport LA if you are looking for a family dentist.  We look forward to seeing you!

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Dental Health and Pregnancy

pregnancyPregnancy can be an exciting time and it affects the body in numerous ways, including oral health. Pregnant moms need to focus on taking care of their teeth and gums as well as planning for their new arrival. The following tips will help keep your smile looking its best during these vital months.

Planning for Pregnancy
Visit your dentist in Shreveport LA before you plan to conceive. This will give your dental team a chance to fully assess your dental health, and to attend to any problems before pregnancy. It’s your last chance to have dental x-rays as these are not recommended during pregnancy.

During Pregnancy
Let your dentist know you are pregnant, and if you didn’t have a chance to visit them beforehand, now’s a good time to schedule a checkup and cleaning. The hormones produced during pregnancy can affect your gums, and quite a few moms-to-be will develop a condition called pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy gingivitis can cause the gums to become swollen and tender, and they may begin to bleed. Talk to your dentist in Shreveport if you experience any of these symptoms. It’s possible they may recommend additional checkups and cleanings to minimize this risk.

After Pregnancy
Once your baby is born, visit your dentist for a proper checkup and any dental x-rays if required. If you did develop pregnancy gingivitis, this should clear up shortly after your baby is born as your hormone levels begin to return to normal. Don’t forget to schedule your baby’s first checkup by age one.



Dr. Jennifer Cooper and Dr. Charlotte Banker are family dentists in Shreveport

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Surprising Tidbits from Your Dentist

home_welcome_img2Though most people don’t enjoy planning a trip to the dentist, it’s not always a barrel of fun for your provider if you neglect your smile. People don’t realize that they can take steps to improve their dental health and make their visits more pleasant. Consider these useful insights as you prepare for your next appointment.

Make sure to brush enough
If you don’t brush for twice a day for at least two minutes, you are leaving plaque and bacteria on your teeth, which could create oral health problems.

Oral cancer is deadly
Many times, people don’t notice warning signs of oral cancer, like sores or unusual bumps in their mouths. Because it is often caught at later stages, oral cancer kills more people than cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Make sure to report anything out of the ordinary to your dentist right away.

Exercise can impact your dental health
Working out is great for staying in shape and promoting a healthy lifestyle, but you need to understand how it affects your mouth. Rigorous exercise can lead to dehydration and limit the production of saliva, which can increase cavities and bacterial accumulation.

Tooth decay isn’t just caused by sugar
Getting rid of sweet treats isn’t enough to prevent cavities. Eating a selection of healthy foods like low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, and vegetable will significantly reduce your risk of decay.

Keep an eye on your tongue
Often, you can glean information about your overall health from your tongue. Redness on the tip of the tongue may indicate a thyroid defect or heart problem. A tongue with yellowish-green coloring can signal liver or gallbladder problems, whereas a grayish-brown tint usually means there is an issue with digestion.


Family dentist in Shreveport LA

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Are Oral Piercings Dangerous?

piercing-oralYou may like the way oral piercings look, but you might not like the dangerous risks that come with them. Because your mouth contains millions of bacteria, infection and swelling often accompany oral piercings. It can really take the fun out of this popular way to express yourself. Make sure you think it through before getting a piercing, to make sure you’re ready for the responsibility and willing to perform tasks to keep the area healthy. This information will help educate you about what oral piercings involve.

What kinds of things can an oral piercing cause?
Piercing your lips, tongue, cheeks, or uvula can interfere with speaking, swallowing, or chewing. It can also cause:

  • Infection – the moisture in your mouth is home to lots of active bacteria, so it’s a perfect place for infection. Infections can be life-threatening if untreated, and associated swelling can block your airway.
  • Nerve damage – your tongue may be numb after piercing, which may be temporary or permanent. It can affect your ability to taste and move your mouth.
  • Gum, teeth, and fillings damage – biting or playing with your piercing can harm your gums and crack or scratch your teeth. Piercings can also damage fillings, and cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Allergic reactions – some people are allergic to metals and have reactions at the piercing site.
  • Drooling – tongue piercings can increase saliva production and cause drooling.
  • Dental care problems – oral jewelry can hamper dental care and block X-rays.

What should I do if I already have piercings?
If you have any oral piercings, contact your dentist or doctor right away if you have signs of infection. These include swelling, pain, fever, chills, or red streaks near the piercing site. Always keep the piercing area clean and use a mouth rinse after meals. Avoid clicking the jewelry against your teeth and gums, and remove it before participating in sports. See your dentist regularly for checkups.


Family and cosmetic dentist in Shreveport, LA

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A Healthy Mouth is Your Goal

family-4Chances are that you want to have a smile full of sparkly, white, straight teeth. You must not forget about the goal of having a healthy smile too. If you don’t pay proper attention to your mouth, there are a number of diseases and problems that can arise. Poor hygiene causes many problems, from minor to severe, so it’s smarter to make sure your teeth stay in good condition. Follow these suggestions for a healthy smile.

Focus on daily care
Your mouth requires care every single day. You simply can’t perform hygiene tasks once every few days or just when it’s convenient, and expect to have a healthy, attractive smile. Follow your dentist’s instructions on properly brushing your teeth at least twice daily, and flossing every day too. In fact, flossing is just as important to your oral health as brushing! By performing both of these daily tasks, you’ll be able to remove debris and germs and improve your smile.

Choose your products wisely
Select toothpaste that meets your goals. It should always contain fluoride, but you can also choose brands with objectives like tartar protection, improving bad breath, and teeth whitening. You may also want to choose a mouthwash that you can use to quickly clean your mouth, or supplement your other oral care products.

Don’t ignore your dentist
Even if you’re properly caring for your mouth at home, it’s important to continue seeing your dentist regularly. Experts suggest having dental checkups every six months, so your dentist can look for problems like gum disease, cavities, and infections. It’s smart to get any issues treated right away, before things worsen and lead to more costly, painful procedures later.


Family dentist in Shreveport LA.

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Red Flags for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can be a deadly disease, often due to the fact that it is commonly found late in its development. Like many cancers, successful treatment can be linked to early detection. Many dentists perform oral cancer screenings as part of their routine examinations. It’s also important to know the warning signs of oral cancer so that you can make an appointment with your dentist if you experience any of them and would like to be checked out to be on the safe side.

Here are some symptoms of oral cancer:

  • White or red patch in your mouth
  • Lump or sore in your mouth, lip, or throat
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Difficulty moving your tongue or jaw
  • Sensation of something caught in your throat
  • Jaw swelling
  • Numbness in your tongue or mouth
  • Pain in one ear

Many of these issues don’t involve pain, so don’t count on that to be the red flag. It’s better to maintain regular dental visits and to make extra appointments if you notice problems. Oral cancer screenings are simple and painless, in which your dentist examines your lips, neck, face, and entire mouth for signs of cancer. This is the best way to get immediate treatment started if you do in face have oral cancer.


Family dental office in Shreveport, LA – Broadmoor Family Dental Care

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Vitamins and Minerals that Keep Teeth Healthy

Vitamins and Minerals that Keep Teeth Healthy

As we age, our teeth and gums change. Proper care of your teeth as well as eating a good diet can keep your smile beautiful and strong. Certain vitamins and minerals also help promote optimal oral health.

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