What Does a Smile Makeover Mean?

medical_websites_dentalYou’ve heard of a makeover to improve your appearance. It might be as simple as changing a hairstyle, or as dramatic as undergoing cosmetic surgery. It’s the same idea with a smile makeover: you can have things you dislike about your smile changed so that you are happier with your appearance.

There is a relatively new area of dentistry that focuses on smile makeovers called cosmetic dentistry. These dentists are trained and experienced in procedures that have a goal of changing aesthetics, as opposed to the health or function of your oral features. A cosmetic dentist focuses on things like teeth whitening, how much of your gums show, or how your lips frame your teeth.

Some cosmetic dentists use a term called smile design, which considers the position of your teeth and how they are framed by your lips. If more of your gums show than your teeth when you smile, your dentist may recommend a gum lift. It is a surgical procedure that pushes up your gums to show more of your teeth. Your dentist can also shape your teeth how you would like, such as lengthening and rounding the edges of your front teeth. Changes like these can both improve your smile and make you look younger.

Teeth whitening is a very common cosmetic dentistry procedure, whether you achieve a bright smile with whitening methods or porcelain veneers. If you not only have tooth discoloration but also imperfections like chips or gaps, veneers are a great way to enhance your look. Porcelain veneers also have an added benefit of resisting future stains.

To find out if a smile makeover is right for you, schedule an appointment with a reputable cosmetic dentist. You will get a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and bite and be able to discuss your smile goals.


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