Risks of Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an easy and popular cosmetic dental procedure that can leave you with a winning smile. However, many people try to avoid a trip to the dentist by using one of the many do-it-yourself teeth whitening treatments available to purchase at their local drugstore. While over-the-counter teeth whitening products can be effective, there are some mistakes you can make that will produce less than desirable results.

  • Patients who try to whiten unhealthy teeth can risk damaging teeth and nerves. The bleaching agents used in whitening products can creep into compromised teeth and cause pain and even more damage. It is always wise to have a thorough dental examination and cleaning before using a whitening treatment.
  • Using whitening mouthwashes that are exceptionally high in alcohol content can damage teeth and usually do not produce optimal results.
  • Leaving whitening strips on longer than recommended on the directions can cause splotchy results and increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Using whitening systems more than every six months can have the reverse effect and cause your teeth to lose their healthy shine.
  • Patients who use teeth whitening treatments that are not approved by the FDA risk damaging not only their dental health, but their overall health due to the possibility they contain dangerous chemicals.
  • Patients with dental crowns or bonding who use teeth whitening products will find their restorations do not whiten, leaving them with an uneven smile.

While it’s possible to achieve a satisfactory result from over-the-counter teeth whitening, to guarantee the results you desire without the worry of these risks, visit our Shreveport LA dental office to learn more about professional whitening. When performed by a qualified dental professional, teeth whitening can produce dramatic results in as little as one office visit, allowing you to walk out with a winning smile.

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