Results You Can Expect From Root Canal Treatment

If you’re about to have a root canal treatment, you might be full of questions. Historically, especially on television and in movies, root canal therapies are often characterized as extremely painful and torturous to undergo. In fact, this is completely opposite from the truth. Patients who require a root canal treatment are often in extreme pain prior to the procedure and have virtually none afterward. Here are some of the symptoms you can expect after completing your root canal treatment.

The soft gum tissue area around the affected tooth may be sore. This is a result of the dental dam used to isolate your tooth and catch any bits of debris that are dislodged as the dentist works. This tenderness shouldn’t last longer than forty-eight hours.

If your mouth is still numb from your treatment, don’t eat anything. You could end up chewing your cheek or tongue, or you could seriously burn yourself on too hot foods or liquids without realizing it until later. Don’t eat anything on the affected tooth until you get the go-ahead from your dentist, as you don’t want to damage the restoration work.

Do not drive while under the influence of any narcotic painkiller. Try not to email, phone or text while taking a narcotic, as you might say something you would regret later.

If you have been prescribed antibiotics, take your entire course. This will ensure that your mouth is free of infection and that your root canal procedure will have a long life.

If you begin to experience any serious pain that cannot be fully treated with your prescribed analgesics, or if you begin to run a fever, contact your dentist immediately. Other signs of a problem could be a feeling of looseness, or the filling falling out. Any sign of breaking or cracking or of swelling that extends up your cheek is an indication to call your dentist.

Root canal treatments are performed across the world each day, safely and effectively. With proper care, your treatment will go well and leave you pain free with a healthy mouth.  If you need a root canal and live in the Shreveport area, contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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