Why You Should Use All of Your Dental Insurance Before the Year’s End

Having dental insurance is a wonderful thing for a dental patient; however, many patients each year miss out on utilizing the benefits that are available to them by neglecting to use their dental insurance before the end of the calendar year. Using your dental insurance can save you time and money regarding your teeth and the treatments you receive.

Be sure that you’re keeping track of your deductible. This deductible is the total money that you must pay for dental services before dental insurance begins to pay for services. This fee varies from policy to policy and might change dependent upon whether you’re seeing a dentist who is in or out of your insurance network. If you’ve met your deductible, see what additional dental work you might be able to get completely paid for or partially paid for by your insurance company.

Do you know what your yearly maximum is for dental treatment? A yearly maximum is the total amount of money your dental insurance will cover for your dental work within one complete year. Each year, the maximum resets and unused benefits do not roll over to next year.

If you’re paying for dental insurance, be certain you’re utilizing your benefits. Even if you don’t require dental treatments, you can still benefit from a regular checkup and professional cleaning. And remember, fees change each year, so your benefits and the costs associated with them can change. Use your benefits before you might pay more down the line.

Don’t let your 2015 dental insurance go unused. Schedule your consultation today at our Shreveport, LA dental office.

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