Why Dental Implants are a Great Choice to Replace Missing Teeth

If your smile is incomplete due to tooth loss, you are probably facing a decision about the best way to restore your smile. Dentures or bridges have been the most common options in the past, but they are accompanied with some hassles that many patients dislike. Another option is removable false teeth called flippers, but most don’t consider that a good long-term solution. An increasingly popular alternative is dental implants, which are surgically inserted into your jaw to become a permanent restoration. More and more patients are finding implants to be the ideal choice.

The most obvious reason that patients like implants is their natural appearance. Their permanent placement in your smile means they don’t move in your mouth, so there is no slipping out of their correct location. Implants are individual teeth, not connected to any neighboring teeth, so they look just like natural teeth. The crown used as part of the implant process is chosen in the same shade as adjacent teeth, so it doesn’t stick out in your smile.

Perhaps the biggest selling point over the other options is the structure of dental implants. They are firmly attached to your jaw with titanium rods, providing the same level of strength and support as real teeth. You can eat, chew, laugh, and speak with the same level of confidence as natural teeth. This is a big difference from restoration choices like dentures or flippers.

Another benefit of dental implants is their durability. Their strong connection to your jaw bone and long-lasting materials used make implants capable of lasting forever in your smile. Implants don’t require any extra care or maintenance either. Regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene are all that is needed to keep your restoration secure, healthy, and attractive for life.

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