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Dental Implants: A Beginner’s Guide

Getting dental implants to replace missing teeth can be a real “game changer.” These restorations provide a solution that looks and feels very natural, helping you avoid many of the negatives associated with some of the ways to replace missing teeth popular in the past.

What are dental implants? Basically, it’s a way to create a whole new tooth root where the missing one was. A rod is inserted directly into the jaw bone to provide a strong support for an artificial tooth on top. The rod is typically made from titanium or zirconium, both very strong materials that deliver an ideal tooth root. Inserting the rod is performed surgically, and you’ll need to wait some period of time determined by your dentist for it to heal before completing the implant process.

Once your mouth is ready, an artificial tooth or crown will be placed on top. This provides complete restoration of your missing tooth and gives you back a fully functional smile. The end result will be so natural that others can’t tell it’s not your real tooth, and it will also feel like a real tooth too.

Dental implants are designed as a permanent solution to missing teeth. With regular checkups and good oral hygiene, it should last forever. If you have gaps in your smile, contact our qualified and experienced Shreveport implant dentist, the dentists at Broadmoor Family Dental Care can evaluate whether you’re a good dental implant candidate and begin your journey to a fully restored smile today.