Dental Implants: The Most Advanced Choice for Tooth Restoration

If you have lost one or more teeth due to decay, disease or damage, you may be wondering what your options are for restoration. While there are several choices available to replace missing teeth, dental implants are considered the most innovative and advanced treatment option offered in dentistry today. A dental implant is a fabricated tooth root placed in the jawbone to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. With vigilant oral care, dental implants are highly successful and can last for a lifetime.

Dental implants are known to most closely act like your natural teeth. Their feel, function and appearance resemble that of a natural tooth. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not require special glues or adhesives. Implants are cared for exactly like your natural teeth, only requiring you to brush and floss normally and maintain regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Another benefit of dental implants is their ability to preserve your natural facial structure by preventing and slowing the bone resorption caused by tooth loss. Traditional dentures do not offer this advantage.

Patients who choose traditional dentures to replace missing teeth may also find they have trouble eating or speaking due to ill-fitting or slipping appliances. Because they function like natural teeth, with dental implants you will enjoy all your favorite foods and never have to worry about your dental appliance shifting or clicking.

Consult with Shreveport implant dentists at Broadmoor Family Dental to find out more about how dental implants can provide you with a lifelong solution to your missing teeth. Our dentists will assess your specific needs and determine if you are a good candidate for implants, so you can get back to enjoying life with a full set of healthy teeth.

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Who Is A Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

implant-dentistry-3In the simplest of terms, if you have missing teeth you may be a candidate for dental implants. Dental implants can be used when a single tooth is missing, or several or all of your teeth are missing. No matter if they were lost due to damage or decay, dental implants are an attractive tooth replacement option for almost everyone.

However, the ideal candidate for implant treatment should be in good oral and general health. Some diseases and conditions may affect your suitability for dental implants including:
• Poorly managed diabetes
• Cancer
• Jaw radiation
• Smoking
• Alcoholism
• Untreated gum disease

These conditions could affect how your dental implants fuse to the bone. It is imperative you let your oral surgeon know about your complete medical history, as well as any medications you may be taking, both prescribed and over-the-counter.

Although quite failsafe, implants do require maintenance. The best candidate for dental implants should have a habit of practicing good daily oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing and maintaining regular cleanings and checkups by your dentist.

The first step toward determining if you are a qualified candidate for implant surgery is scheduling a full-mouth examination by your dentist. An assessment of your teeth, gums, and bite will help determine if you have adequate jaw bone to support an implant. The ideal candidates also have healthy gums that are clear of damage and disease. Consult with your dentist for additional guidance about your viability as a candidate for dental implants to get you on your way to a healthier mouth and more beautiful smile.


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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

xraydental1If you have an unsightly gap in your smile or tend to cover your mouth when you are with others, it’s time to consider restoring your smile with dental implants. Thanks to this innovative approach to replacing missing teeth, you can get an attractive and permanent new look.

Dental implants involve surgically inserting a titanium tooth root into your jawbone, allowing it time to heal, and then placing an artificial tooth on top to complete the procedure. These restorations are durable, and give you a natural look and feel. Good candidates for dental implants must have sufficient bone structure to accommodate the restoration, so some patients require a bone graft to prepare for the implants. As with any medical procedure, there are some pros and cons that you should consider when deciding whether to choose dental implants.


  • Implants provide the look, function, and feel of your real teeth.
  • There are no negative impacts to your adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Implants become a permanent part of your body when they fuse with your jawbone.
  • They are usually made of titanium that can withstand strong biting force.
  • There is no appliance slipping when eating or speaking like some other restorations tend to do.
  • There are no clicking or hissing sounds of the appliance or glue.
  • You do not have to remove anything for cleaning.
  • Implants restore confidence and give you back a more youthful appearance.


  • Surgeries always have associated risks or complications.
  • Swelling, pain, or bruising may occur at the implant site.
  • Swelling or bruising of the face or gums can occur.
  • You may experience chronic inflammation of the gums in the implant area.
  • Nerve damage may occur that causes numbness, tingling, or pain.
  • Your tooth can break.
  • An infection is possible.
  • Several dental visits are required to complete the entire process.

Dental implants dentist in Shreveport LA

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The Steps in the Dental Implant Process

shutterstock_65134006Dental implants provide a whole new way for restoring missing teeth. A titanium rod replaces the missing tooth root in the jaw, and then an artificial tooth is placed on top to finish the restoration. It is a permanent, comfortable, and natural-looking way for patients to regain their smiles. Although every dentist may be slightly different, there are some basic steps to the dental implant process.

To prepare for implants, the dentist creates models of the teeth to see spacing issues and exactly how the mouth fits together. X-rays will be taken, and perhaps a CT scan of the jaw to aid in computer-generated planning. Dentists use a variety of techniques to help determine the best plan for each patient in order to achieve the best dental implant results.

Implant placement
Because it is oral surgery, dental implants are placed using local anesthesia in a surgery setting. Sedation is sometimes used as well for patients with anxiety or who are having additional procedures like bone grafting. In very complex situations, general anesthesia may be advised. The first part of implant placement involves placing the titanium implant under the gums, and then waiting for a couple of months for healing to take place. Once healing is complete, impressions will be taken so that the artificial tooth can be created. A temporary tooth may be placed over the implant until the final tooth is ready.

Implant restoration
The final stage involves placing the final restoration. It is checked in the patient’s mouth for size, fit, color, and placement. If it is acceptable, the artificial restoration will be placed using dental cement or the screw fitting that was placed with the implant. This should complete the dental implant process, and the patient will be able to fully enjoy once again having a full set of teeth.

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Understanding Dental Implants

shutterstock_61928947If you’re looking for an alternative to dentures for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are something to consider. These natural-looking and long-lasting restorations give you back a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Dental implants, usually made of titanium, are surgically inserted into your jawbone to create an artificial tooth root. The implant fuses with your bone so that it becomes a permanent part of your body. Once it has healed, a post is placed on top so that an artificial tooth or crown can be attached to complete the restoration. The process requires multiple dental visits over the course of a couple of months.

Most dentists perform implant procedures, although some patients choose to seek treatment from a specialist such as an oral surgeon. If your dentist does not offer this procedure, ask for a referral to another qualified professional for treatment.

With proper oral care, dental implants can last for at least twenty years. Once you have them, you and others won’t even realize they are there. Some other benefits of dental implants are:

  • No replacements or updates are necessary.
  • There are no diet restrictions.
  • Implants look like natural teeth.
  • They can be maintained with normal brushing and flossing.
  • Implants do not develop tooth decay or cavities.
  • They are securely attached to the jaw so there is no risk of loosening.


If you live in the Shreveport area and you are considering dental implants, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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Steps to Dental Implants

oldersmilingcoupleReplacing missing teeth has been revolutionized by the process of dental implants. It offers a permanent, secure, and natural looking way to restore your smile. Here are some common questions that patients ask about dental implants.

Are implants right for me?
For optimal success, patients must meet certain health qualifications. Adequate bone density is important, because the implants fuse with the jaw bone and it must have sufficient density for proper attachment. General oral health is also required, since problems like cavities or gum disease may increase bacteria levels in the mouth. Patients should be in good physical health overall so that healing is not impeded.

How should I prepare for treatment?
Sometimes procedures are necessary prior to implant surgery. A bone graft might be performed to enhance bone density in the jaw bone area. Periodontal treatment may be recommended to heal gums before surgery. If any teeth are infected or damaged, extraction might be needed to regain good oral health.

What about the procedure itself?
Implant surgery is performed using anesthesia or dental sedation so that no pain is felt during the procedure. A small incision will be made in the gums, the titanium implant will be placed in the jaw, and then the gums will be stitched up.

What can I expect during recovery?
The period of healing is vital to successful dental implants. This is aided by proper care as directed by the physician, rest, and consuming approved foods and drinks. It usually takes several months for the site to fully heal and the implant to integrate with the bone. Once healing is complete, a crown will be placed on top to finalize the restoration.


Dental implants dentist in Shreveport LA

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Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental-Implant-MPOLosing teeth as a result of injury or disease happens to millions of adults. Missing teeth makes eating and speaking difficult, and makes you self-conscious. Dentists are able to offer several methods that can restore your mouth’s function and give you back your willingness to smile.

Dental implants
The newest technology in tooth replacement is dental implants, which provide a very natural and comfortable option for restoring both function and appearance. A titanium artificial tooth root is surgically inserted directly into your jaw. A metal post goes into your bone under you gums, and then a replacement tooth (also called a crown) is attached to the post. Implants are often the preferred option because they don’t affect neighboring teeth, and they are completely secure. They are even usable when multiple teeth are missing because implants can be used in conjunction with bridges or dentures. However, for implants to be successful, the patient must have sufficient jawbone to secure the implants and gums must be healthy.

Getting their name because they bridge the gap between missing teeth and your surrounding teeth, dental bridges are another tooth replacement option. Fixed bridges are bonded onto the neighboring teeth, while removable bridges can be taken out for cleaning. Bridges can be made from several materials such as porcelain, alloys, and gold. They allow you to eat, smile, and speak with confidence and comfort.

When many or all teeth are gone, dentures may be the best tooth replacement choice for that situation. Complete dentures are used when you have no natural teeth left, and they cover your upper and lower gums. Overdentures may be used if you have some teeth left to provide support. Dentures are sometimes difficult at first while you get used to how they feel and how they affect your speaking and eating.


Dental implants dentist in Shreveport, LA


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Dental Implants: Sometimes the Perfect Choice

dental-implantsThere’s no reason to go through life missing one or more teeth. Dental technology has advanced to give you options for tooth replacement. Sometimes dental implants are the perfect solution for repairing your smile.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth with a titanium root that is attached directly into your jawbone. During oral surgery, the root is placed into your jaw so that it looks, works, and feels just like a regular tooth. Others won’t even notice that you don’t have a mouthful of natural teeth, and you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles that other tooth replacement solutions sometimes bring.

Not every patient is suitable to receive dental implants. Your dentist will examine your mouth to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, and that you have adequate jaw bone to support the implant. If you and your dentist agree on this treatment, the titanium implant will be surgically inserted under your gum tissue and into your bone, and stitched up for healing. It may take up to a couple of months for complete healing. Then, a post will be attached that holds an artificial tooth and finally the replacement will be secured. It depends on the patient as to how many appointments are required in the implant process, and healing time varies as well.

Here are some benefits you can expect to receive from getting a dental implant:

  • Restored function, feeling, and appearance similar to your natural teeth
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Improved oral health
  • Ability to eat and speak without worries
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased quality of life

If dental implants appeal to you as a way to restore your smile, contact our office today and make an appointment to see if they are right for you.


Broadmoor Family Dental Care offers dental implants in Shreveport, LA.  Schedule your consultation today!

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Dental Implants and Diabetes

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants used to be considered a poor option for patients with diabetes. Fortunately for diabetics hoping to restore their smiles with implants, the surgery is no longer unavailable to them. If the patient meets the criteria as a good candidate for implants, and agrees to follow the post-operative care instructions, dental implants can be a successful treatment.

The problem is that implants and diabetes haven’t been a good combination when performed in patients who do not have their diabetes well controlled. When diabetes is uncontrolled, bacterial plaque can build up along the gums and cause oral infections. This may lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and bone deterioration. This has made implants risky in these patients, because the treatment fails if the jawbone can’t properly fuse with the titanium implant. Uncontrolled diabetes may prevent the bone from growing properly, causing loose implants that may fall out.

However, there is hope for diabetics who have their disease under control. Results from studies show that the success rate is nearly perfect for patients who have their diabetes in check before the implant surgery, and maintain control throughout the process. This gives them the best chance of the implant fully growing into the jawbone to provide a solid foundation for the crown. Taking antibiotics prior to treatment is also helpful to implant treatment success.

Following the dentist’s instructions for aftercare is also important. Avoiding infections after surgery is critical because that can create complications with a patient’s diabetes. Also, these patients are more susceptible to severe periodontal disease. Getting dental implants is definitely a viable option for diabetes patients who are committed both before and after surgery.


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Learning More about Dental Implants

dental-implantsTo improve the function and appearance of your smile, dental implants provide a great way to replace missing teeth. You no longer have to get a full set of dentures to restore your smile, especially when only a single tooth is absent. Learn more about this option for getting your oral health back.

Before the procedure
A thorough oral examination will be performed to ensure that you are a good candidate for implants. Your general health and age will be considered, since healthy and younger patients tend to heal more quickly than older people with health issues. Your jawbone will also be evaluated to make sure there is sufficient bone density to successfully attach the implant. Sometimes dental or orthodontic work is needed prior to performing the implant surgery.

During the procedure
Under local anesthesia, a titanium post is surgically inserted where the root of your original tooth was located. Stitches may be needed, as well as antibiotics to aid healing and avoid infection. It often takes weeks or even months for complete healing to occur before an artificial tooth is attached and shaped to fit perfectly. Eventually, the implant will attach to your jawbone and you won’t even know it’s there.

After the procedure
Since implants look and feel like your natural teeth, you should care for them in the same way. Regular brushing and flossing is recommended, along with a healthy diet that contributes to your oral health as well. With proper care, dental implants usually last from 10 to 30 years.

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