Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

xraydental1If you have an unsightly gap in your smile or tend to cover your mouth when you are with others, it’s time to consider restoring your smile with dental implants. Thanks to this innovative approach to replacing missing teeth, you can get an attractive and permanent new look.

Dental implants involve surgically inserting a titanium tooth root into your jawbone, allowing it time to heal, and then placing an artificial tooth on top to complete the procedure. These restorations are durable, and give you a natural look and feel. Good candidates for dental implants must have sufficient bone structure to accommodate the restoration, so some patients require a bone graft to prepare for the implants. As with any medical procedure, there are some pros and cons that you should consider when deciding whether to choose dental implants.


  • Implants provide the look, function, and feel of your real teeth.
  • There are no negative impacts to your adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Implants become a permanent part of your body when they fuse with your jawbone.
  • They are usually made of titanium that can withstand strong biting force.
  • There is no appliance slipping when eating or speaking like some other restorations tend to do.
  • There are no clicking or hissing sounds of the appliance or glue.
  • You do not have to remove anything for cleaning.
  • Implants restore confidence and give you back a more youthful appearance.


  • Surgeries always have associated risks or complications.
  • Swelling, pain, or bruising may occur at the implant site.
  • Swelling or bruising of the face or gums can occur.
  • You may experience chronic inflammation of the gums in the implant area.
  • Nerve damage may occur that causes numbness, tingling, or pain.
  • Your tooth can break.
  • An infection is possible.
  • Several dental visits are required to complete the entire process.

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