Examining Teeth Whitening

teethwhitening-2The most popular way that people choose to enhance their smiles is with teeth whitening. There are many products on the market today that claim to improve the color of your teeth through various methods, or you can have your teeth professionally whitened in your dentist’s office. Whatever method you choose, there’s no dispute that brightening the color of your teeth and erasing stains will improve your appearance and help make you look younger.

Teeth become discolored for many reasons. The most common reason is consuming foods and beverages that stain teeth. The main culprits are coffee, tea, sodas, red wine, dark sauces, and some berries. Aging is another factor in tooth color becoming dull with time. Smoking or using other forms of tobacco will discolor your teeth in a hurry. Also, neglecting dental hygiene allows your teeth to become dingy and stained.

Even if you try to avoid most of these common causes of tooth discoloration, it’s difficult to keep your smile shiny and bright. That’s when teeth whitening techniques come to the rescue. Over-the-counter choices include products like whitening strips, gels, pens, toothpastes, and more. These contain some level of hydrogen peroxide that acts as a bleaching agent for your tooth enamel. However, these products require consistent and lengthier use to see results. More effective results are possible with professional whitening performed by your dentist. Professional whitening uses stronger bleaching agents and often employs the use of special lights that enhance the process. In about an hour, your teeth will be several shades brighter.

Teeth whitening methods are most effective on surface stains, but deep stains within the tooth enamel may be impossible to eliminate. For example, certain kinds of medications are known to cause these types of severe stains. In difficult cases, it may be a better choice to consider options like dental veneers to restore your smile.

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