Many Ways to Improve your Smile

family_top2No matter what problems you feel you have with your smile, there are cosmetic dentistry procedures to treat almost all of them. Smile makeovers are possible that will give you the look you’ve been wanting. Not only do smile makeovers enhance your smile, they can boost your confidence and improve your overall attitude. You may not know all of the options available and what problems they address. Here is a list that can help you decide if some of them might benefit you.

Teeth that are misaligned or crowded may not only be unappealing, they can also make oral hygiene more difficult and cause added stress on your jaw. Traditional braces, clear methods like Invisalign, crowns, and porcelain veneers are all ways misalignment might be treated.

Teeth can become discolored from poor hygiene and from consuming foods prone to staining like coffee, red wine, berries, and tea. Smoking also is a big culprit for tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening is the most common way to brighten your smile, and various methods are available either at home or professionally. For severe stains or damaged enamel, crowns or veneers are another choice.

Spaces between your teeth can be embarrassing, as well as detrimental to the function of your teeth. Braces or Invisalign are popular ways to correct gaps. Veneers are another option depending on how large your gaps are.

Gummy smile
When excessive amounts of your gums show when you smile, it can create what’s called a gummy smile. Treatments may include gum sculpting, veneers, crowns, braces, or surgery.

Worn teeth
If untreated, worn teeth can cause health problems or tooth loss. Teeth that are damaged with wear are often restored with veneers or crowns.

Missing teeth
Your smile can be restored to a full set of teeth through dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Each of these solutions offers its own pros and cons, so consult your dentist for advice.


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A Healthy Mouth is Your Goal

family-4Chances are that you want to have a smile full of sparkly, white, straight teeth. You must not forget about the goal of having a healthy smile too. If you don’t pay proper attention to your mouth, there are a number of diseases and problems that can arise. Poor hygiene causes many problems, from minor to severe, so it’s smarter to make sure your teeth stay in good condition. Follow these suggestions for a healthy smile.

Focus on daily care
Your mouth requires care every single day. You simply can’t perform hygiene tasks once every few days or just when it’s convenient, and expect to have a healthy, attractive smile. Follow your dentist’s instructions on properly brushing your teeth at least twice daily, and flossing every day too. In fact, flossing is just as important to your oral health as brushing! By performing both of these daily tasks, you’ll be able to remove debris and germs and improve your smile.

Choose your products wisely
Select toothpaste that meets your goals. It should always contain fluoride, but you can also choose brands with objectives like tartar protection, improving bad breath, and teeth whitening. You may also want to choose a mouthwash that you can use to quickly clean your mouth, or supplement your other oral care products.

Don’t ignore your dentist
Even if you’re properly caring for your mouth at home, it’s important to continue seeing your dentist regularly. Experts suggest having dental checkups every six months, so your dentist can look for problems like gum disease, cavities, and infections. It’s smart to get any issues treated right away, before things worsen and lead to more costly, painful procedures later.


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Dental Implants: Sometimes the Perfect Choice

dental-implantsThere’s no reason to go through life missing one or more teeth. Dental technology has advanced to give you options for tooth replacement. Sometimes dental implants are the perfect solution for repairing your smile.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth with a titanium root that is attached directly into your jawbone. During oral surgery, the root is placed into your jaw so that it looks, works, and feels just like a regular tooth. Others won’t even notice that you don’t have a mouthful of natural teeth, and you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles that other tooth replacement solutions sometimes bring.

Not every patient is suitable to receive dental implants. Your dentist will examine your mouth to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, and that you have adequate jaw bone to support the implant. If you and your dentist agree on this treatment, the titanium implant will be surgically inserted under your gum tissue and into your bone, and stitched up for healing. It may take up to a couple of months for complete healing. Then, a post will be attached that holds an artificial tooth and finally the replacement will be secured. It depends on the patient as to how many appointments are required in the implant process, and healing time varies as well.

Here are some benefits you can expect to receive from getting a dental implant:

  • Restored function, feeling, and appearance similar to your natural teeth
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Improved oral health
  • Ability to eat and speak without worries
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased quality of life

If dental implants appeal to you as a way to restore your smile, contact our office today and make an appointment to see if they are right for you.


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Root Canals Shouldn’t be Scary

rootcanalWhen your dentist suggests you need a root canal, your first reaction may be fear. A root canal has a reputation of being a scary procedure filled with pain and heartache. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you learn more about the procedure and why it may be the best thing for your health, you may be able to replace your fear with knowledge.

The thing to blame for most root canals is tooth decay. If you neglect getting proper treatment such as a filling for a decaying tooth, your tooth will continue being damaged until the decay reaches the core. That contains the pulp that keeps your tooth healthy. Decay compromises your tooth’s health and causes pain in the associated nerve. Often there is also an infection involved. When your tooth is this severely damaged, a root canal is likely your best option.

The purpose of a root canal procedure is to remove all of the decayed pulp inside of your tooth’s root. Then the canal will be cleaned and sealed, and a filling will be placed in the clean interior of your tooth. If your tooth has been severely harmed by decay, it is sometimes also necessary to place a crown on top of your tooth for complete restoration.

Pain is the main thing that patients are afraid of when it comes to a root canal. In actuality, many people say that it’s no more painful than a regular dental filling. Local anesthetic is used to numb the nerve and tissue, and it lasts throughout the procedure so that you don’t experience pain during treatment. Since most patients have pain prior to a root canal due to the decay or infection, you might even feel less pain afterwards than before the procedure. You will likely feel soreness, as opposed to sharp pain that you may have had before treatment. Anti-inflammatory medications can relieve your discomfort and aid recovery.

In the end, having a root canal takes care of your oral health problem and gives you back a comfortable mouth. It is better to opt for treatment than to continue with pain and further complications.



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