Options for Sparkly White Teeth

teeth-whitening-2Having a yellow tint to your teeth can make even the most confident person self-conscious. Discolored teeth are a common problem resulting from habits like smoking and drinking or eating foods that tend to stain teeth. Red wine, coffee, and berries are common culprits. As a result of yellowed teeth, many people are in search of the most successful options to achieve sparkly white teeth. Here are some suggestions.

One of the easiest whitening techniques is using toothpaste designed for that purpose. There are a variety of brands on the market, and your dentist may have suggestions for the best one for you. Whitening toothpastes typically require consistent, long-term use to achieve and maintain noticeable results.

Whitening strips attach directly to the fronts of your teeth. You stick them on for a time period of about thirty minutes daily for a couple of weeks or more. Strips usually do their job with a hydrogen peroxide based solution, so the downside for some people is irritation or sensitivity. However, the level of discomfort is not usually severe.

Whitening trays fit in your mouth for you to bite down on to hold in place. You fill the tray with tooth whitening solution, which sometimes can be messy and leak out of the tray, but it is a good way to obtain the benefits of contact with the solution over a period of time.

Laser whitening
This method should be performed by a dentist or qualified technician. Your gum tissue can be protected with a special coating put on before the procedure. Then a peroxide gel is applied to your teeth, and light is exposed to the teeth for about fifteen minutes to achieve the whitening results. Halogen lights often provide the optimum results and your tooth enamel or other portions of your teeth are not overheated. This type of whitening has a high rate of effectiveness.


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Changing Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic-dentistryIt’s time to do something about your smile if you are unhappy with it. Even if you practice good dental hygiene, sometimes you still don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror. Healthy teeth don’t always mean attractive teeth, and cosmetic dentists understand that. They can help you change your smile into one you can be proud of, and give you the confidence to keep smiling.

The first thing a cosmetic dentist will likely do is perform a thorough examination to make sure you don’t have any decay, cavities, or other issues. If you have any oral health problems, those can be addressed first. Then, you and your dentist will discuss the concerns you have with your smile and ways to make changes or improvements. You may be surprised at all of the treatments a cosmetic dentist can offer to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

One of the most popular techniques is teeth whitening. There are a variety of methods available to brighten your smile, which can be done in your dentist’s office or at home. Today’s technology can give you a brilliant smile, and make you appear younger at the same time.

Veneers can be applied to the front surface of your teeth to give you a whole new look. These thin porcelain shells cover imperfections like gaps, stains, misalignment, and chips. Dental veneers provide a simple and painless way to have a great impact on your appearance.

Missing teeth may be replaced with several methods. A popular option in recent years is dental implants, which are actually implanted directly into your jaw so that they ultimately become part of your body. They provide a very natural looking and functioning replacement for missing teeth. Other choices are bridges or partial dentures, which eliminate empty spaces in your smile.

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

dental-implants-1Implants are a good way to give you back an appealing and healthy smile if you are missing any of your natural teeth. Created by your dentist with an artificial tooth and a metal root, implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone. The artificial tooth is placed on top, and the outcome is a natural-looking smile using a reliable and durable solution. Here are some more reasons to choose dental implants.

Preserves teeth
Unlike dentures that require neighboring teeth to support them, implants are inserted into your jaw and do not impact adjacent teeth. There is no risk of damage to your other healthy teeth. You can have peace of mind that you are only correcting the existing problem, and not creating new ones.

Preserves bone
Your teeth help maintain your jaw bone when the force of chewing is transferred to your jaw. If teeth are missing, your jaw is not properly stimulated and may begin to recede and cause your remaining teeth to shift. Dental implants replace missing teeth and act the same way as your natural teeth, helping to prevent bone loss at the same time.

Maintains easily
There is no special care necessary with dental implants. You treat them the same way as you do your other teeth.

Provides comfort
Since they are inserted securely into your jaw, dental implants are just as comfortable as your other teeth. Not only that, there are no negative impacts on your ability to speak or eat.


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Red Flags for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can be a deadly disease, often due to the fact that it is commonly found late in its development. Like many cancers, successful treatment can be linked to early detection. Many dentists perform oral cancer screenings as part of their routine examinations. It’s also important to know the warning signs of oral cancer so that you can make an appointment with your dentist if you experience any of them and would like to be checked out to be on the safe side.

Here are some symptoms of oral cancer:

  • White or red patch in your mouth
  • Lump or sore in your mouth, lip, or throat
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Difficulty moving your tongue or jaw
  • Sensation of something caught in your throat
  • Jaw swelling
  • Numbness in your tongue or mouth
  • Pain in one ear

Many of these issues don’t involve pain, so don’t count on that to be the red flag. It’s better to maintain regular dental visits and to make extra appointments if you notice problems. Oral cancer screenings are simple and painless, in which your dentist examines your lips, neck, face, and entire mouth for signs of cancer. This is the best way to get immediate treatment started if you do in face have oral cancer.


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